The story of TOBEFRANK is the combination  of the unspeakable social class’s and the fast pace of time, the passion of literature and the celebration of man. Building a bridge over the great divide of social class, TOBEFRANK is bringing together what clothing should mean and stand for.

Frank Phillips is the creator of TOBEFRANK. Frank was brought up in between two classes. Her grandmother (on her fathers side) was working class, and her grandfather (on her mother’s side) was upper middle class.

Frank’s grandmother, Rosemary Ellis is the heart of TOBEFRANK, She is the caring and the hard working side of the brand, she worked hard, juggling jobs and child care struggling to get enough food on the table to feed her three sons including Franks father.

She was proud to work and never lost the secret of being happy on little. Rosemary Ellis is the warmth, loyalty and thoughtfulness of the brand, as even the toughest of men still have a heart.

Edgar O’Ballance was Franks grandfather, He ran away from home when he was 14 to join the army, using fake details he joined the Sherwood Foresters. Whilst serving in the English and Indian armies he became the youngest colonel of the time. On leaving his post he became a war journalist establishing himself as a leader in the field, well respected though out his arena writing 40 published books and continuing to hammer the keys of his typewriter till his final days. Edgar O’Ballance is the bravery, sense of pride and educated mind of the brand.


Frank would spend one weekend down in a council estate in Pontefract, spending her time at the market and eating endless amounts of dripping. Then the following weekend Frank would spend in a beautiful house in the Derbyshire Dales listening to her grandfather talk about the wars of the world. As you can imagine this upbringing sparked an endless amount of inspiration.

"the logo means- words are stronger than weapons- this LOGO WAS created BY franks grandad and passed down to her in his will"
Grandpapa oballance
with some of the books
he wrote
A picture of FRANKS
beautiful nan nan
To be the logo
To Be frank's identity